Eco -Construction

Primercon is committed to conserving the environment.

The construction of the highway might put animals such as elephants, tapirs, bears, tigers, wild boars at risk of roadkill while trying to cross the highway.

As such, Primercon made use of viaducts that would provide animals with a safe crossing under the highway running on a series of viaducts.

Further to that, during the course of construction, Primercon had to be especially careful with the highway's design as the alignment ran parallel with some of Malaysia's leading eco-tourism spots located in and around the Kenyir waterways and Taman Negara. The wildlife in the locality particularly in Taman Negara was known to roam from the southern end of the forest reserve to the Tembat and Petuang forests located in the Hulu Terengganu and the Hulu Besut Forest reserves.

On top of the conservation of biodiversity, Primercon prevented silting and tainting of pristine waters with the use of silt traps.